Wood Grouse

Wood Grouse, a bird sketch by Artmagenta.
Wood Grouse
The Wood Grouse  (Tetrao urogallus), Heather Cock or Capercaillie is a very large and heavy fowl similar to the black grouse, but distinguished from it in larger size and the rounded tail. The bird is found in northern and central Europe and northern Asia.

Capercaillie occurs in open forests. During the summer the bir stays on ground, but always spend the night in trees, with the exception of the female during incubation and when the chicks are small.

Capercaillie diet consists of various plant parts, such as buds, young leaves, grains, seeds and berries, but they also eat insects, larvae and worms, especially the chicks are fed with insects. During the winter, pine needles are the primary food.

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