Red-headed Lovebird

The Red-headed Lovebird (Agapornis pullarius) also known as the Red-faced Lovebird.
The Red-headed Lovebird is  divided into two sub-species:
  •  Agapornis pullarius pullarius - occurs in Sierra Leone to Guinea, Sudan, Angola and Zaire, Sao Tome Island
  • Agapornis pullarius ugandae - occurs in Ethiopia to Uganda, extreme eastern Zaire, Rwanda and Tanzania

Red-headed Lovebird sketch painting. Bird art drawing by illustrator Artmagenta.
Red-headed Lovebird

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    Northern Harrier

    The Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus) is a migratory bird that breeds across the northern parts of the northern hemisphere, in Canada, America and northern Eurasia. In winter, the Palearctic populations move to more southern areas of Europe, northern Africa and temperate Asia, and occurs as far north as in southern Sweden and northern Britain. The nearktiska populations move to the southern region of the U.S., to Mexico and Central America. In the milder breeding areas, such as France, Britain and southern U.S. the Northern Harrier can occur year round.

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    Brown Creeper

    The brown creeper (Certhia americana), also known as the American tree creeper, is a small songbird, the only North American member of the treecreeper family.
    Brown Creeper sketch painting. Bird art drawing by illustrator Artmagenta
    Brown Creeper

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    Willow Tit

    The Willow Tit (Parus montanus or Poecile montana) is widespread and common in temperate and subarctic parts of Europe and northern Asia.

    Willow Tit sketch painting. Bird art drawing by illustrator Artmagenta.

    European Blackbird [gif]

    European Robin [gif]


    Smew (Mergellus albellus) is a migratory bird that breeds in northern taiga belt in Scandinavia and northern Russia. It moves south for the winter and occurs locally in the Baltics, Central Europe, as far west as southern Britain, and east of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, northern India, China, Japan and Korea.

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    Wood Pigeon

    Wood pigeon (Columba palumbus) occurs throughout Europe except for Iceland and the northern parts of Russia and Scandinavia. It is found also in western Asia and in a belt stretching from Turkey to the north-western India and western China. Wood pigeons are also found in parts of northwestern Africa. In the westernmost and southernmost parts of its range, the Wood pigeon is sedentary while others leave their breeding areas and migrating south for the winter.

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