Red-breasted Flycatcher

The Red-breasted Flycatcher (Ficedula parva) breeds in Europe and western Siberia and is a migratory bird that has its winter quarters in India and Pakistan.

Red-breasted Flycatcher sketch painting. Bird art drawing by illustrator Artmagenta
Red-breasted Flycatcher

Red-flanked bluetail

The red-flanked bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus), also known as the orange-flanked bush-robin, breeds in northern Asia and northeastern Europe,from Finland east across Siberia to Kamchatka and south to Japan.

Red-vented bulbul

The red-vented bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer) is a member of the bulbul family. It is a resident breeder across the Indian subcontinent, including Sudan extending east to Jordan and parts of Algeria. It has been introduced in many other parts of the world.

Yellow-billed stork

The yellow-billed stork (Mycteria ibis), sometimes also called the wood stork or wood ibis, is a large African wading stork.

White-throated Dipper

The White-throated Dipper  (Cinclus cinclus) appears in most of Europe and in North-West Asia.


White-throated Dipper bird painting by Artmagenta
White-throated Dipper

Norway's National Bird
The White-throated Dipper  (Cinclus cinclus) appears in most of Europe and in North-West Asia.

Grey Crowned Crane

The Grey-crowned Crane (Balearica regulorumis widespread in eastern and southern Africa.
 East African Crown Crane is Uganda's national bird, and appears on the flag and coat of arms.


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Green bee-eater

The Asian green bee-eater (Merops orientalis), also known as little green bee-eater, is resident but prone to seasonal movements and is found widely distributed across Asia from coastal southern Iran east through the Indian subcontinent to Vietnam.

Lapland Owl

The Lapland Owl also called the Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa) is an owl that is almost as large as the eagle owl. The Lapland owl has a relatively circumpolar distribution. It breeds in North America, from Lake Superior to Alaska's Pacific coast, and from Scandinavia and eastward across northern Asia.

Great grey owl